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Does Notion Support the Samsung S Pen?

Just like Apple, Samsung also has a proprietary stylus device for their own lineup of Android Tablets, it’s called – Samsung S Pen. If you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and S Pen, and you use Notion, then you might be curious to know does Notion supports the Samsung S Pen.

Notion currently doesn’t have drawing or handwriting support for the Samsung S Pen, and you can’t use it to take handwritten notes or create drawings inside Notion. Therefore, the S Pen can only be used as a stylus, and do the basic things like – scrolling, and clicking.

Similarly to the Apple Pencil, Notion doesn’t support the S Pen natively and you can’t write/scribble on a blank Notion page using it, there is a way to import handwritten notes or drawings into Notion if you absolutely need to do so.

Can you draw in Notion with the Samsung S Pen?

Since Notion doesn’t support the Samsung S Pen yet, it’s not possible to draw/scribble directly on a blank Notion page using the pen. However, as I already mentioned, if you want to add any drawings or diagrams, you can do it on a separate app, when finished, the drawings can be imported into Notion.

Luckily, there are plenty of apps that let you take advantage of the S Pen and do the job. I know, there is an additional step involved and that’s not the most effortless solution, especially if you work with lots of drawings and diagrams, but that’s the only way possible, at least for the time being.

Will Notion add support for the S Pen?

Notion has already confirmed that adding handwriting/drawing support for the Apple Pencil is on its roadmap, and if in the future it adds support for the Apple Pencil then we can safely assume, it will also add support for the S Pen, and another stylus for that matter.

However, it didn’t confirm when the feature will be added. Needless to say, we will update this article when it has been added.

Should You Use the S Pen with Notion?

Unlike Apple, the good thing is that Samsung gives you a free S Pen whenever you buy a device that supports it. So, you actually don’t need to buy a new one just to test whether it supports Notion or not. You can try it out as a stylus, surely it would improve the experience.

But if you are planning to buy a new one just for the sake of Notion, then we don’t recommend that. Firstly, we don’t know exactly when Notion will add support for the S Pen, and secondly, it is too early to predict – how good, bad, or horrible the stylus integration will be with Notion.

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