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Notes and Notion from Samsung?

I’ve been using Notion increasingly to manage several different projects and relationships as of late. One feature Notion sorely lacks is any native support of digital ink. I’ve been struggling to find a way to connect my use of handwritten digital notes and Notion without creating an exceptional amount of additional work. Well, I may have found a way.

When taking digital notes in Samsung Notes on my phone or tablet, I can use the Share function coupled Notion to get my handwritten notes into Notion.

  1. From within Samsung Notes tap the More button (three vertical dots) and select the Share icon
  2. Select Image File from the list of options
  3. Select Notion from the list of destinations
  4. Add a title for the note, the page or database where you want to keep the note, and the workspace where that page or database resides
  5. Tap the Share arrow and Notion will do the rest

You can do something similar on Windows by using the Snipping tool, but I find the Android method the best. If you have multiple pages in your note, each one is added as an image object to the Notion page and can be resized and moved around to various positions as needed.

This does not make the handwriting searchable. If you want searchable handwriting, you may need to use OneNote as your destination instead. Another option is to use the handwriting-to-text conversion option in Samsung Notes and paste the converted text into your note. No matter how you move the content over, it means, in the end, you have one less place to manage your notes.

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